Underground Vinyl w/ Barbe – 27.06.24

Towards the end of the previous millennium, on the vast fertile lands of the Venetian region, music must have spread its seeds deeply as the local population has grown passionate about beats and melodies. So it did its trick with Mattia Barbon, in art Barbe , who approached the turntables in his High School years and has not stopped spinning since then.

In 2019, he joined the People crew and soon got the chance to express his potential in front of a crowd, often playing in local venues such as After Caposile and Black_sheep. Later, he obtained a regular slot on radio Ibiza Underground , delighting listeners with some notable records ranging from top-notch techno house to modern progressive. But that is only an approximative range that doesn’t account for his unpredictability.

7:00 – 8:00pm
Monthly on the fourth Thursday