Triq w/ Janoko B2B Cami Jones – 28.06.24

‘The antithesis of rigidity, Triquetra prides itself on the formless nature it takes. How does one quantify an experience, much less one of the soul? More than just an events company, Triquetra is a curator of life, a curator of the moments that resonate on a deeper level. With a wealth of experience and love for the world of Minimal House, Triquetra selectively handpicks the finest emerging talent of the moment and places them into the capital’s most prestigious venues.

The sister of eclectic events company; Levitate London, Triquetra inherits a lineup of established resident DJ’s and organisers who understand their environment and the artists who inhabit it, with a finger firmly on the pulse of all things minimal and all things remarkable.’

5:00 – 6:00pm
Monthly on the fourth Friday