Staple Diet Sessions w/ Focus Puller – 01.11.21

Deep and off-kilter techno and electronic music, lovingly curated and presented by Focus Puller.

Throughout his 20 years as a DJ and producer, Mike Healey’s sole aim has been to discover, curate and share good music regardless of genre.

9:00 – 10:00pm
Monthly on the first Monday


Moire ft Demigosh: Know Me (Hypercolour)
Olympic Pool Maintenance League: Calculous Exchange (Mord)
Focus Puller: Multiple Directives
Call Super: The Mess (The Trilogy Tapes)
NX1: SR1 (Semantica)
UVB: Second Life (Mord)
James Ruskin: Izzygan (Tresor)
Ruskin & DVS1: Page 4 (Blueprint)
Bored Young Adults: But We Need This Bench (The Trilogy Tapes)
Focus Puller: Accountability
Nørbak: Es Wird Wieder Passieren (Mord)
Dustin Zahn: Wet Hot Heat (Blueprint)
Blawan: My Guide To Dancing On Carpet (Ternesc)
Exium: Erosion 2 (Mord)
UVB: Mixtion (Mord)
A Thousand Details: Loyalty Of Sheep (Mord)
Milo Raad: Mood Swings (Mord)
Oscean: Spacion (Tresor)