Staple Diet Session w/ Focus Puller – 06.09.21

The latest Staple Diet Sessions w/ Focus Puller.

Deep and off-kilter techno and electronic music, lovingly curated and presented by Focus Puller.

Throughout his 20 years as a DJ and producer, Mike Healey’s sole aim has been to discover, curate and share good music regardless of genre.

1. Jay Haze & Kareem Da-Li: Cameroon Boogie (Contexterrior/Tuning Spork)
2. August Artier: Rakuyou (Kindisch)
3. Deepcut: Night Train (Greyscale)
4. Samuel Rohrer: Nimbus (Arjunamusic)
5. Mike Dehnert: Given Take (Fachwerk Digital)
6. Reset Robot: No Choice Paradox (Whistleblower)
7. James Ruskin: KnTe3 (Tresor)
8. Reset Robot: Electromagnetic (Suara)
9. James Ruskin: Nepte (Tresor)
10. Walton: Rolla (Ilian Tape)
11. Schatrax: Sisphunk (Schatrax)
12. Studio 1: Silver (Kompakt)
13. Focus Puller: Perspective
14. Marcus: Ossessione (Persistence)
15. Planetary Assault Systems: Peru Drift (Ostgut Ton)
16. Eric Fetcher: Perception of Timing (Children of Tomorrow)
17. Arma: Charade (Developer remix) (Corpus)
18. Reset Robot: Opto
19. Philippe Petit: Anger (Rekids)
20. A M B E R: Telling You (Be As One)
21. Reset Robot: Room Decay (Suara)
22. Dokser: Zika (Be As One)
23. Roll Dann: Riding Horses in the Darkness (Clergy)
24. Calculus: Axis Wobble (Anemone Recordings)
25. James Ruskin: Nocke (Tresor)
30. Hertz Collision: Sequence (Be As One)
31. Developer: Zebra (Failsafe)
32. Fran Navaez & Avox25: Perceptions (Hardtools Records)
33. Arnaud Le Texier: Catharsis (Children of Tomorrow)
34. Ben Gibson: Convergence (Persistence)


9:00 – 10:00pm
Monthly on the first Monday