Samihe (MC #127) – 22.11.22

Midnight Community is a new radio series broadcasting exclusive sets from artists all over the world who in our opinion have real eclectic taste when it comes to Electronic Music.

For episode 127 we have Samihe selecting.

Samihe is the Co-founder of Minds Alike and has garnered plaudits in the industry playing at local standout clubs in Miami such as Treehouse/ The Electric Pickle, and Do not sit on the Furniture. He also has multiple projects in his repertoire. His most notable works include “Almo”-Minds Alike, “Terms of Endearment”-Dream Culture, “Contact Book”- Seven Villas Music, “Auranik”- Crossfade Sounds, “Now”- RYNTH and “On The beach”- L’enfant Terrible. He will be releasing more music that will showcase his distinct style and take listeners on a journey through various emotions and bring them to a place where they can escape the world and be lost in the music.