Sami Brothers Electronic Beats – 12.05.23

Sami Musik is a project founded by two brothers born in Italy, raised in Fregene (Italy), the UK, and Finland.

Nick 28 and Pet 25 years old, united for their love of sound, melodic and groovy expressionism, started to play music with vinyl with their closest DJs and producers friends: Eloim and The Underproject, searching and inspiring on Jose Padilla, Keinemusik, mixing Ibizan vibes linked to Sami’s Lapland culture music.

Their sound has not been only influenced in Rome underground scene, but around multiple international locations for electronic music like London, Ibiza, and Berlin! They founded Sami Musik project in 2017 driven by the same spirit that kicked off their imprint. The name is originally created due to their origin from Finland, in particular from old parents coming from Finnish Lapland.

Friday, 12 May
9:00 – 10:00pm