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Russian Linesman Story Presents Mig Dfoe – 26.02.19

The latest radio showcase of Russian Linesman Story Presents Mig Dfoe – 26.02.19.

This month the Russian Linesman Story presents a guest mix by Mig Dfoe to celebrate the release of his new mini album on Loki Recordings on 1st March 2019.

After his recent remix of the Russian Linesman’s “The Trigan Empire”, we welcome Mig Dfoe back to Loki Recordings for his first mini-album since 2011’s fantastic “How to Talk to the Moon”. This new 8 song expedition is an interesting one, requiring an open mind and a touch of antiquity.

Recorded in 2008, this is an album that has repeatedly flirted with the idea of release, only to be kept “under a desk until the right moment surfaced”. Mig Dfoe has decided on its 11 year anniversary, it is finally time for it to be heard. We are delighted that Loki Recordings has the honour of being the vessel. Over to Mig to explain what you are about to experience:

“The idea is that “The Part We Don’t Know” is effortless but intricate at the same time. It is the most pop work I have done. It is really emotive to put this album out this year. The songs are really a life story, so maybe it is a cabalistic time!!”

Mix Song List

Mig Dfoe – Taxi (Loki Recordings)
Ólafur Arnalds Nils Frahm – Four (Erased Tapes Records)
Olaf Stuut – Over The Hill (Zaubernuss)
Max Cooper – Hope (Mesh)
Jon Hopkins – Collider (Domino)
Burial – Rodent (Hyperdub)
Stephan Bodzin – Wir (Herzblut Recordings)
Minilogue – Endlessness (Make A Beautiful Corpse)
Holden – A Break in the Clouds (Border Community)

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