Minerals w/ Noakko + Anxious Aaron – 01.05.24

This show is a cross genre leap through the condensing tube into the beaker of whatever streaming platform you have chosen. Be hopeful this is where the chemistry anecdotes end. Minimal chit chat, just a showcase of my favourite artists and their creative endeavours.

Love of radio as a format, for as long as I can remember most good memories I have from childhood have been accompanied by radio. A particularly fond one is being picked up by my dad from football training on a Friday and Annie Macs dance show was always on. That would be my fresh intake of new music (I didn’t have a smartphone or laptop then), that’s where I shaped my soundscape in my head. It was the first place I experienced music, I was enamored by the hosts ability to seemingly weave between songs.

8:00 – 9:00pm
Monthly on the first Wednesday