Minerals w/ Noakko – 05.07.23

This show is a cross genre leap through the condensing tube into the beaker of whatever streaming platform you have chosen. Be hopeful this is where the chemistry anecdotes end. Minimal chit chat, just a showcase of my favourite artists and their creative endeavours.

Love of radio as a format, for as long as I can remember most good memories I have from childhood have been accompanied by radio. A particularly fond one is being picked up by my dad from football training on a Friday and Annie Macs dance show was always on. That would be my fresh intake of new music (I didn’t have a smartphone or laptop then), that’s where I shaped my soundscape in my head. It was the first place I experienced music, I was enamored by the hosts ability to seemingly weave between songs.

I suppose the thing that most impressed me then looking back with my near 30 year old hat on is their confidence and casualness speaking and working with thousands listening. But there was only a handful of presenters with names like mine, Nihal being one that I can remember of the top of my head.As I’ve grown older my awareness of who I am, what kind of space I occupy and how I’d like to be perceived vs how I am perceived has grown.

Keeping these in my focus is very important to me as I’d like to create or at least be a part of a community that lifts people into the spotlight. Like the minerals in the water of the Ganges, flowing from the Himalayas, doing their unsung work and supporting the ecosystem, I felt developing a platform where I could support my diaspora is probably the most useful way to spend my time.

8:00 – 9:00pm
Monthly on the first Wednesday