Laber Nicht Records w/ Marcel Puntheller – 09.08.23

Discover the future of music with Laber Nicht Records Radio on Bloop Radio. Laber Nicht Records is an eclectic record label focused on empowering artists to innovate, develop, and co-create. Join us in reimagining the music industry for positive change!


“This is more of a selection than a perfect mixtape. It’s a radio show, and I recorded it in the flow of the moment.”.


In a realm where music transcends, there resides an extraordinary being—an alchemist of rhythm and melody. Behold the mystical DJ and producer, whose artistry knows no bounds. His journey from Heidelberg to Barcelona in 2015 infused his craft with celestial wonder. He has been selecting tracks for 22 years, with an intuition akin to the celestial dance of stars, guiding listeners on a transformative journey through realms of emotion and imagination.

8:00 – 9:00pm
Monthly on the second Wednesday