From The Archives w/ DJ Bz + Doogi (DBT) – 23.02.22

The venues they have run parties in are: Skateparks, Penthouses, Monasteries, Waterfalls & Reservoirs to venues like Room2, Time event space, Cottiers Theatre, Biscuit Factory, and many more. They have also showcased the debut for each of their artists in Scotland.

DBT. have been trying to provide a change in the scene by providing less repetition and regurgitation of artists and a different sound. The artists they book are at the forefront of the music scenes all over the world however have yet to educate the Scottish crowd. These artists are playing world-famous festivals and clubs, such as Fabric, Sonar Festival, Houghton Festival, Sunwaves Festival, Animal Crossing in Manchester, ADE, and all over Europe and beyond!

Headline Artists, we have showcased up to now:

Gene on Earth
Alec Falconer
Enchanted Rhythms
Casey Spillman

10:00 – 11:00pm
Monthly on the fourth Wednesday