Beach Weekender Radio Show – 12.02.21

“You are listening to Beach Weekender Radio Show” These words have become legendary in the Melbourne underground house music scene, a trademark of The PDC. Beach Weekender is an annual camping festival run by the “Forgery” crew that occurs at a secret island location 3 hours drive from Melbourne. The festival is entirely off grid, so all supplies, including water, the sound system and the generator must be ferried over to a desert island along with all participants. Local and international DJs are invited by word of mouth. The result is an experience like no other; unbridled hedonism and electronic music (i.e. “doof”)  in an Australian desert island dream. The radio show pays homage to the music of Beach Weekender. Expect exclusives from up and coming Melbourne talent. Who is The PDC? The PDC is an enigma, who emerged into the Melbourne underground vinyl scene with a veritable arsenal of secret weapons. Deep, Jazzy, Italo and House Grooves is what you can expect.