azu:rite selection : Ramyen – 07.11.22

Today we get to know better Ramyen, the French rising star, known for his unique colorful set and fun personality, making each night special where souls meet beats, and smiles meet the warmth of dancers and lovers. After some releases on Go Deeva, Wired, Shango Records and more quality labels, he signed his last music piece on Mindgame, Birds of Mind label, showing his more melancholic artistic side. So many shades shared by this artist who answered our questions and specially crafted an hour-long podcast we can only recommend to you.

*What is your musical history and how did it influence becoming Ramyen?

I was born into a family of musicians, therefore French variety has always been a part of my identity, which can be felt in the music I’m making, both happy and melancholic. 

*You’ve been releasing tracks on many quality labels, we loved your last one on Mindgame Records. Can you talk to us about your production process?

Most of the time I’m starting to work with my break, often with a melody or a musicality I like, and then I try to create an atmosphere before and after to highlight it. But I sometimes also start from the first note and go with the flow, it can take time but it’s an interesting process. 

*More than producing music, you have a very colorful style behind the decks, what’s your secret recipe to make each night a memorable one?

I think my joyful personality is part of my artistic identity. A DJ set is about exchanging energy with the crowd, and if you give a good kind of energy, people feel it and give it back to you.

*This led you to create Casa Luna and more recently Mellow events, can you tell us about these?

Those two have very different vibes, reflecting the happy and melancholic I was talking about earlier.

Casa Luna is the first party I made, and I tried to offer something more underground, both musically and experience-wise, with eclectic lineups of 3 or 4 artists each week. Season 2 is starting very soon with a great lineup you can already check. 

Mellow is a more intimate party, very colorful with smiles everywhere, where I invite all my friends to come to play without announcing anyone. The motto is “music by family and friends”, can you feel the contrast? 

*Do you have any projects that you’d like to talk about?

We have an amazing tour coming in the next few days, until December, with some cities I have never visited before! I couldn’t be happier at the moment, these are the main projects. I try to stay focused, give the best of myself each gig one after one and give emotions to people. 

More music is also coming soon. 

*Do you want to say one last word to close the interview? Is anything on your mind?

Thank you Radio London for having me, hope you enjoy my set and see you on the road!

You can meet Ramyen through many dates around the globe in the next few weeks, and to his new Casa Luna edition, taking place in Paris with Mita Gami, Adam Ten, Deer Jade and Notre Dame.