Andrew Rothschild (MC #53) – 24.08.21

Midnight Community is a new radio series broadcasting exclusive sets from artists all over the world who in our opinion have real eclectic taste when it comes to Electronic Music.

For episode #53 we have Andrew Rothschild selecting.

Andrew Rothschild’s production techniques allow the listener to, in one moment, soar over vast nature-inspired soundscapes, and in the next, bear down and reverberate through dialed-in, organic rhythms. The worldly, yet dance-infused compositions add a level of depth to his music that escapes the monotony of formulaic success stories.

Rothschild pairs his production prowess with notable success in live visuals and light production, too. As an artist-favorite technician at the top nightclubs in Denver, he was soon enlisted personally by high-calibre acts such as Sofi Tukker, who brought him on their international tour.