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Microloop w/ Oli

Hunter of precious and rare sounds, Oli started his electronic culture with the radio shows of Laurent Garnier on Couleur3, something named “It is what it is.” At first in touch with the early Deep House vibe, from now on he explores the worlds of Dub-Techno, Minimal and Micro-House. Equipped with what we call “smooth strength,” Oli like to make people dance until the sunrise. Half Venezuelan, his dual nationality enables him to gather a wide range of sound variations.”

Microloop w/ Oli:

Oli is travelling all the way from Switzerland to introduce his radio showcase called Microloop. Microloop will be a tasty mix of minimal music with micro house beats. Oli will drive you through a musical story passing by the vibes of Amsterdam, Bucharest, and London.

Monthly on the fourth Saturday
2-4pm / UK Time