Wax On Mare St. w/ James Puentes feat. - Kesh (Xhz)- 30.07.20

James Puentes & MIINA met in 2015, which subsequently led to them joining together to form what is the duo known as Wax On Mare St. Through their London based studio in Netil House (Hackney), the boys have quietly been crafting their skills alongside their ears, into understanding the world of music production. Even though it’s early days for them. They’ve already managed to see their music attract interest from various labels such as…Blind Vision Records, Roush, Sanity, ASONELDN, Arupa, E1even Records & their most recent release being on INFUSE. The boys have seen their releases receive some really positive feedback from DJ’s and dance floors across the world. Their music has featured in numerous digital charts across various platforms. Which was without doubt a nice surprise. That being said, they also hope to launch their own subsequent label in the near future. Keeping the emphasis on (Vinyl Only) to begin with. 8:00 – 10:00pm Monthly on the fourth Thursday