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Premier Q/A: Till Von Sein – “Junjung”

From time to time we love to share new music from artists we truly admire. Here we feature one of our favourite tracks from Till von Sein’s new album “Ocean” and also a brief interview with the man behind the music..


Bloop: Hi Till, thank you for sharing your latest release with us, how are you today? and what have you been up to recently?

Till: Hey Bloop, thanks for having me, I am quite well actually, I am on my last week now after spending 3 months in South Africa and just trying to take it easy you know..

Bloop: The Album title “Ocean” is definitely fitting for such music, the tracks within the album also tend to be a lot more laid back compared to some of your previous releases, did you have a different approach for this release compared to your others?

Till: The idea was to create an album which you can listen to on a Sunday afternoon, on a beach, or simply driving in your car, rather than something that you could come across in a night club, so overall, its kinda laid back, with a positive note, you know, I was listening to a lot of classic mid 90s albums recently, which you can just put on, and they take you on a trip, and after 90 minutes, you are just like, hey, wait, I can listen back to that again, so that was where i was coming from with this album..

Bloop: What more can we expect from yourself this year? 

Till: I have a new EP for Suol lined up, late April.. i think, and then a remix for Well Known Classics from Early 2000s for Classic Music Company, Luke Solomon’s label, I think it is supposed to be out April or early May, and yeah play a couple of gigs, but i try to take it easy with travels you know, so much other things to do, where my focus is on right now, so lets see..

“Ocean” released February 22, 2019, Support the artist, and purchase the Digital Album here:

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