EMERGE: Redfreya

Introducing Redfeya, an emerging artist in the London Deep and Melodic House / Tech scene. Currently 6 months into her Bloop Radio monthly residency with her Urban Soundscapes show, the up and coming selector is drawn to the melodic, percussive and hypnotic side of the house and techno spectrum, seeking to weave emotional journeys through her sets. Having played at venues across London, you’ll be able to catch her live sets for the Yellow Tulip Sunday parties at Cafe 1001 across the summer. She has also been making a name for herself through curating podcasts as pandemic lockdowns have limited the frequency of gigs, including notable mixes for the German-based international Beach Podcast, and also the London-based ARRVL record label. Find her on SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook @redfreyadj

She has a real passion for showcasing up and coming producers on her radio show, below are her selections for Emerge:

1.  I’ve chosen this work by Saudade (@saudade.music on ig), an up and coming producer hailing from India but currently Belgium based, as the first to mention because I’ve been blown away by his music and want to point every reader to go and check out his work. This track is probably his only public demo right now, I’ve played a few of his yet-to-be released tracks on my Bloop shows – definitely one to watch, a real rising talent. I’d recommend checking out his DJ mix – Where do we go from here – as well, probably the best set I listened to in 2020.

2. Having recently come across Jacana People through their Midnight Community episode, I absolutely love their ambient mellow deep house – here is one of their recent releases, Amaya – I really recommend checking them out!

3. Next is Jim Rider, another Bloop resident – I’ve been following his work for quite some time, and he is progressing rapidly through the ranks playing for All Day I Dream and beyond… I really loved this track from his new EP released on TRYBESof, Artemisa (but do check out the whole EP and all his other work and shows)

4. TSHA is just a phenomenon of positive energy, both in her productions and DJ sets (for example, she’s curated several cracking Anjunadeep Editions) – all of her tracks are a breath of fresh air, they are mellow, energetic and danceable – but here I will share Demba, from her 2020 album Flowers.

5. Now onto a slight change of genre, from dreamy house to more hypnotic dub techno, a new(ish) release from another up and coming talent, Ann Lov – this versatile track is a great atmospheric set opener, and she is definitely one to keep eyes on as she will be releasing more throughout the year.

6. Coming across DJ Counselling’s work, I loved pretty much every track and mix of his, again fitting into the category of the earlier ones mentioned, of dreamy reflective deep house, with this track aptly titled ‘Reflection’.

7. Taking us into some slightly darker tone now, is a 2020 release by the duo “Mia & Luko”, each independent Brazil-based artists in their own right (@lukowav and @mia_lunis_music on IG), this melodic techno track ‘Gliesse’ is taken from their EP Outer seas:

8. I only recently discovered Alex Banks (@alexbanksmusic), who has been making outstanding tunes and especially DJ mixes for several years (I recommend checking out his ‘Soundwall DJ Mix 2015’ on soundcloud) – he’s had some great recent releases but I especially love Chasms – the AB Lost in a Moment remix – certainly the darkest emotional mood / techno selection I’ve shared here, and will be a great one for when dancefloors reopen. 

Another producer I came across recently is Company is Family, aka Mark McEvoy – who runs the melodic/deep label Oscillate Records – everything I’ve heard from him has been really beautifully made – he’s making ethereal, melodic and atmospheric house/techno mostly. I loved ‘Requiems of your head’ from his ‘Down goes the mist’ EP – which has been supported by the likes of Who Made Who, and really deserves to be played out!

10. Finally (so hard to stop at 10, because there are so many talented rising producers), I am bringing it back to another member of the Bloop family, Viktor Marina, who holds a beautiful Deep House monthly residency and has been releasing some great tracks recently. Find this new release on Art in Motion’s Plano B record label, Destination, hypnotising and soulful deep house.