EMERGE: Michiru Aoyama

Next up in our EMERGE series is Kyoto based ambient producer Michiru Aoyama. With a string of full length releases on labels such as Mirae Arts, Organic Industries and Somehow Recordings, we are delighted to have Michiru Aoyama selecting six tracks from some of his wonderful friends.

Michiru studied electronic music in Berlin, where he honed his production skills and developed his identity as an artist. He now has his own label Bull Flat 3.8 that releases incredible ambient music from around the world.

His latest release, Kyoto 京都, out now on Bloop family label Interlude, and channels the steady dripping of raindrops in the rainy season, to the cicada in the summer heat, to the gurgling of spring streams from melting snow. The majestically serene ​city of “Kyoto” Japan, is naturally filled with the poetry of nature.

New beginnings offer​ enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth, the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Michiru Aoyama offer something of a peaceful and reassuring retreat, ​detaching the listener from the current material world, therefore accommodating the quests of purity, love and unbeknown wisdom.

Listen back to Michiru’s selections below, and his latest release on Interlude here.

Yuki Matsumura – Solo Scum (from Without a Break)
Aoyama: First selection is from yuki matsumura. He is a Japanese noise maker –  I have also worked with him.

Chisato Ohori – Abibi
Aoyama: My second selection is from Chisato Ohori. I met him when I was working in Germany.

Marty Hicks – Hiolorium
Aoyama: The third selection is from Marty Hicks. He is an Australian pianist and composer. Sometimes we make songs together.

Gonima – A Space That Is Ours
Aoyama: The fourth is from Gonima. He is a Canadian artist and this is from my label Bull Flat 3.8.

Corrado Maria De Santis – A Way Out
Aoyama: My fifth selection is from Italian composer Corrado Maria De Santis.

An Moku & Joel Gilardini- 8
Aoyama: The final song is from An Moku & Joel Gilardini. Everyone in this list is a very wonderful artist, please check them out.