EMERGE: Farloh

EMERGE is Bloop’s latest interview series, shining a light on emerging artists.

Bloop resident and London local Farloh brings his love of italo, balearic and dark disco to Emerge. You can catch him from 7:00 – 9:00pm on the first Saturday of every month on Bloop.

We asked him to select some of his favourite tracks for EMERGE – check them out below

Roe Deers – Fun (Edit)

Farloh: This is one I played on my February show on Bloop and a track I can’t get enough of at the moment. It makes me reminisce the summer parties we’ve missed, and I also love the Italo Disco feel to it.

Tech Support – Mappa Mundi

Farloh: A recent personal favourite of mine. Brighton producer Tech Support is a machine when it comes to putting out records, and this just showcases his versatility so well. He never fails to surprise you, whether it’s a faster electro 140 bpm track or a slower 100 bpm chugger.

Mishell – Mac Que

Farloh: I’ve been listening to a lot of Mishell’s releases lately. He’s a new Tel Aviv based producer who has a great twisted disco sound. I love the intense percussive elements in this release, it’s a great groover and works effortlessly with the vocal chants.

Daniel Monaco – Darab

Farloh: This is one of the new releases on French label Hard Fist, contributed by Daniel Monaco. I’ve been following a lot of the label’s releases which have all consistently blown me away. I love the percussion elements to this track that really put you in the same room as the artist.

Sebastien Tex – Hisdraya

Farloh: I love the use of electric guitar in electronic music and this track particularly reminds me a lot of Andrew Weatherall’s productions. The driving bass guitar and hypnotic vocal chants, it all makes for an epic listening journey.

Colossio – Advertencia

Farloh: The subtleness and dark tension in this track is amazing. The use of disjointed vocals and jumpy chugger grooves create a great industrial atmosphere. Colossio is a producer I’ve kept my eyes on for a while now.

Guy Maayan – No Miracles

Farloh: This is a great finisher track to a set and has such a feel-good epic theme to it. Kinda like crossing the finish line and winning the race.