241 Sessions w/ Broken Neon

Broken Neon (formerly known as Malchevsky & The Little Dude) are a London based duo from Poland and Turkey. Since their first mix together they knew that there was an obvious common denominator in their sound, approach and philosophy.

Starting from zero and learning the art of mixing through constant exploration of London underground music scene, determination and sheer passion for electronic music, they went on a musical trip which took them through some exceptional experiences. It all started with hosting small private afterhours sessions @ infamous 241 . Gradually more people attended these house parties, proper grass roots vibe attracted quite a few and one main thing that united these people was sharing the love through music. That’s how 241 Family was born.

Some of these parties couldn’t go unnoticed and eventually Michal and Kemal have been given few opportunities, which they surely made the most of! In the summer 2013 they took the crowd to the next level with their set @ Leading Astray Boat Party and ever since then, things started unfolding. They’ve been invited to play a set @ London’s finest after party – Jaded and remained a strong pillar of the operation, having been offered a residency there.

Year 2014 started amazing for the duo when they were offered a set at the famous SUPERFREQ and their 12th Anniversary Party with electronic music legends Mr. C and Kenny Larkin with Xo Chic. They have slowly and gradually establish themselves as a part of SUPERFREQ team, recently playing a blinding opening set @ SUPERWIGGLEFREQ NYE Party.

Broken Neon are well recognised for their deep, groovy and often hypnotic blend of house and tech that takes the crowd for a journey not to be forgotten, always prioritising the real time interaction with the room and the people.

6:00 – 8:00pm
Monthly on the third Tuesday


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