Altro Giro April Showcase

ALTRO GIRO returns on Bloop London Radio this month for the April Showcase. We are honored to announce brilliant guests participating in this new stunning showcase: 291out and Odyffe. The 6th episode will be opened by the veteran bass player and 291’s leader Luca Presence Carini aka Captain William Bones + the electronic mind member of the band known as Admiral Flyme. They will tell us the latest sonic adventures of the crew starting from the latest creation “Fantasia Melange” made together with Quiroga and published on the double various LP “Outlines” (out on ANMA & Cognitiva Records).

Get lost into an impressive trip through the streets of funk, cinematic sounds, Italian sweet notes, and rare grooves. During the second hour will rule the decks the current golden duo of Milan that is hitting the electronic charts. Odyffe has just released a new EP out on the legendary Nervous Records and they won’t stop there. Be ready for a change course to dancefloor-oriented vibes, a balanced dosage of contemporary melodic house, afro drops, and indie dance evolving towards electronic progressive to reach tuneful techno shores.